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Standard Cleaning- Designed for initial Cleanings to get everything in order and picture perfect!

Maintenance Cleaning- Designed to keep everything in order and ready for every life event including the in-laws!

Deep Cleanings- Designed to give your home or office that need scrub and blast of fresh clean air. Great for Spring Cleanings.

* See Services Tab for many other services offered.* 

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35% off Standard Cleaning Starting July 01, 2019. 

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" Absolutly love this service. prices are affordable and cleanlyness is fantastic i have 3 kids at home at a company to run and i work there is no way i can keep up with the maitanince in my home car or office. So reaching  out to this company was the best thing smoking im organized my home and office is alwayse fresh i really do appreciate this company i have a jump start.every week Thanks a millon"

-Divas Goodybags

Current Deals


  • 20% First-Time Standard Cleanings- Residential
  • 20% New Commercial Cleanings

*Ends 12/31/2019*



The Filthy Bucket now offering Post-Construction Cleanings!! Call Today for FREE Quote!!

Coming soon-- Cleaning with a Purpose Services: Designed for Special Assistance when needed

*Coming Fall 2019


Cleaning Services

 *How do you set your rates?

My rates are determined based off a number of things such as square feet of the space needing to be cleaned and whether it carpet or hardwood floors. 

*Do you bring equipment and cleaning supplies?

Yes. Cleaning products and equipment are supplied. 

*Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes. All works guaranteed. 

*What should I do with my pet?

Pets should be locked in a secured place when the service provider is present. Additional fee may be required for providing service to home with pets.*

**discuss at inital evaluation and estimate visit here..